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Denter is a fantastic course for learning and fine-tuning your dentistry. It definitely makes you enjoy dentistry more. Ian teaches in a simplified fashion that is easy to follow and can be implemented into practice immediately.The hands-on gave me more confidence to take on those challenging cases by having a good understanding of the planning to give a predictable outcome. I appreciated the small group size in various lovely venues which made each session more relaxed and fun with interactive discussions. The manuals were a great bonus, containing all the relevant information and resources and up to date clinical papers on the days subject which was great for referring back to. It’s an excellent course that I would highly recommend! Thank you!
— Dr Anita Patel Dental Surgeon, London

9 Day Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry Course

The Saturday Course, November 2019 - July 2020 (Central London) or North East of England

The Friday Course, April 2020 - December 2020 (Central London)


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The 9 day Certificate Course in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry is held in Central London and in the North East of England. It is designed for dentists who wish to update their knowledge, treatment planning and technical skills. Lectures, structured tutorials, demonstrations, videos, evaluation of scientific papers, and plenty of hands-on sessions are included. It provides 63 Verifiable enhanced CPD hours. Each month you will also receive a course manual which includes slides from the day, other useful written material and relevant papers. The course is very clinically focused and is fully supported with scientific literature so you can be sure that you are working to "best practice”

One Day Hands-on Courses

Why choose these courses?


The courses have been designed to give you everything you need to improve the Aesthetic Restorative side of your practice. The 9 day course covers everything from the fundamentals such as Smile Design, to the rarely taught but extremely useful Digital Imaging, to how to Market your new found skills. Unlike a number of courses, it covers both all the Minimally Invasive techniques as well as more traditional techniques such as Veneers, Post/ Cores, and Crowns. For more information on the 9 day course. The One day courses are masterclass days in Photography, Digital Aesthetic Imaging, Presentation & Speaking skills for dentistry.


Unlike attending a lecture with dozens or even hundreds of dentists. Unlike many other hands-on courses where there are twenty or more dentists. Denter is limited to 8 dentists, this maximises the opportunity to discuss what you want to know, this maximises the over the shoulder approach. You will learn at a much deeper level, you will learn at a comfortable pace.


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Ian Cline has over 15 years of experience in teaching dentists. He has taught small masterclasses to five hundred plus audiences at international conferences. To find out more about Ian.

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