Day 1

Fundamentals of Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry 


    DENTER IMAGES.011.jpeg
    • Smile Design in detail: from Macro to Micro
    • Management of the Aesthetic Case utilising the "CLINE COMPREHENSIVE CHECKLIST"
    • Ethics of Cosmetic Dentistry and the “Daughter test”
    • Medicolegal aspects of Aesthetic Dentistry
    • The principles of Shade Analysis
    • Photographic techniques including Cross polarisation for shade communication with the laboratory


    • Smile Design Treatment planning session 
    • Shade analysis
    • Use of Vita, Vita 3D Master, Vita Linearguide,& Vita Bleached guides
    • Use of the Digital Spectrophotometer

    Day 2 

    The Art of Digital Dental Photography

    FRIDAY 4th MAY 2018

    DENTER IMAGES.005.jpeg
    • Understand what camera equipment and accessories are required and why.
    • Choose the correct camera settings for predictable results.
    • Know the many uses of photography within the dental practice, in particular the importance of medicolegal documentation.
    • Be able to take a full series of AACD/ BACD Views
    • Take high quality portraiture images for orthodontic assessment and documentation
    • Recognise the most important sources of further information, including websites, articles and textbooks


    • Taking of a full series of 15 standardised photographic views
    • Use of contrasters, cross-polarisers, and FEC for laboratory communication
    • Perfect Portrait Photography simplified

    Day 3

    Computerised techniques to design smiles 

    FRIDAY 1st JUNE 2018

     Computer simulation to show patient what might be possible with composites or veneers

    Computer simulation to show patient what might be possible with composites or veneers

    • The Value of Cosmetic Imaging
    • The Digital Smile Design Concept
    • Powerpoint & Keynote in the Dental Surgery
    • Lightroom/ Aperture / iPhoto and other options for image management and manipulation
    • Live Demo’s of Digital Imaging
    • Video recording of live imaging


    • A large part of the day will be hands-on training in digital imaging. Participants will be required to bring their laptop computer. Full step-by-step training will be given in Digital Imaging, so that you will be able to confidently image cases like the one shown above. Several types of cases will be imaged, using the Tell, Show, Do concept.
    • How to use Photoshop Elements
    • Use of Layers within PE
    • Imaging of several different types of cases to show what the patient might look like following dental treatment

    Day 4 

    Minimally invasive techniques

    FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018

     Before & After photographs showing toothwear management using direct composite   (Course Director, Ian Cline)

    Before & After photographs showing toothwear management using direct composite

    (Course Director, Ian Cline)

    • Power whitening & Home Whitening systems compared
    • Modern techniques for non-vital bleaching, “The Inside-Outside method”
    • Use of infiltration techniques to manage white spot lesions
    • Orthodontic aspects of aesthetic care
    • Periodontology, crown lengthening, augmentation procedures
    • Toothwear: Aetiology, Diagnosis, Treatment options
    • Use of the Dahl concept in the management of the worn dentition
    • Resin Retained Bridgework, design, success rates and how to make them aesthetic


    • Treatment planning discussion

    Day 5

    Anterior composites

    FRIDAY 3rd AUGUST 2018

      • Different composite materials: the importance of knowing when and why to use a microfilled or a hybrid composite
      • How to select the correct shade every time
      • Which instruments you “really do need” to achieve excellent in your direct aesthetic work
      • Direct composite veneers
      • Air abrasion, which unit, how to use it, what does the literature say?
      • The use of colour tints & opaquers to simulate micro feature of the tooth
      • How to close Diastemas seamlessly with composite


      • Toothwear build-up
      • Class IV build-up using Dentine & Enamel opacities
      • Use of colour tints to simulate white spots, craze lines, incisal translucency
      • Creation of Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary anatomy

      Day 6

      All Ceramic Restorations Part 1

      FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2018

      DENTER IMAGES.007.jpeg
      • Material selection, Feldspathic, Pressed, Empress, Emax, Celtra, Alumina or Zirconia? Which one? When? and Where?
      • Core materials, Nayyer cores, Bulk-fil composites as a core material
      • The use of sonic instrumentation & hand chisels for margin refinement
      • Ceramic veneers: planning, preparation, cementation all in detail
      • Prepless veneers vs Prepped veneers
      • Verti-preps or Conventional prep
      • Veneer cementation in detail
      • Importance of the Diagnostic Wax-up
      • APR/APT method for ensuring minimal tooth preparation
      • Which burs to use and how to use them
      • Modern concepts in post/core design & placement
      • The Importance of the “Ferrule Effect”
      • Restoration of the root filled tooth


      • Restoration of the root filled tooth
      • Adhesive Post & Core placement

      Day 7

      All Ceramic Restorations Part 2 


        DENTER 1.jpg


        • Tooth preparation for all ceramic veneers, crowns, and onlays.
        • Use of the 1:5 Speed Increasing Electric Handpiece
        • "Two-handed" tooth preparation
        • Veneer preparation in detail, will include the opportunity to prepare individual phantom head teeth for veneers, all participants will then prepare an 8 unit case for a “smile makeover”, utilising diagnostic waxups, 3 different putty stent guides and the APR/APT technique discussed in the previous session. All participants will use the "DENTER ALL-CERAMIC BUR KIT" for precise tooth preparation.

        Day 8

        Posterior composites

        FRIDAY 12th OCTOBER 2018

        DENTER IMAGES.006.jpeg
        • To discuss the latest Concepts in Posterior Composites.
        • To appreciate strategies for dealing with the main problems that dentists have with posterior composites, including the use of rubber dam, sectional matrices and bulk-fil techniques.
        • Uses of Deep Marginal Elevation
        • “C-Factor” Why is it important and steps to minimise its influence.
        • How to assess the occlusal scheme and build the restoration to minimise adjustments
        • To be able to select appropriate instrumentation for placement and manipulation of composite.
        • To simplify finishing and polishing of posterior composites.
        • To look at the management of posterior root filled teeth and how SDR and Ceramic Onlays may be the best solution.
        • Hands-on, Class I restoration, and Class II restoration with use of Sectional Matrix System


        • Class II restoration using a sectional matrix
        • Simplifying composite placement with SDR Flow+
        • Class I restoration with colour tints to simulate fissures
        • How to place a Deep Marginal Elevation Band
        • Rubber Dam technique 

        Day 9

        Occlusion, TMJ & Splints

        FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2018

        • Confused by the terminology ICP, RCP, CR, CO, MIP, you won’t be after the morning!
        • The Occlusal Examination
        • When to "Conform" and when to "Reorganise"
        • Canine Risers
        • How to examine the TMJ & Muscles of Mastication
        • Parafunction, Bruxism, Anterior Guidance, Protective Occlusal Schemes
        • When do you need to use a facebow and articulator?
        • Custom made Anterior Guidance tables
        • Types of splints, Michigan, Stabilisation, Anterior Bite Planes, SCI's.
        • Splint design & manufacture in detail: Stabilisation Splints


        • How to take a facebow record
        • Records required to articulate the case, CR & Protrusive
        • Lucia Jig construction
        • Fitting and adjustment of Upper Stabilisation Splint

        Day 10

        Management & Marketing

        FRIDAY 7th DECEMBER 2018

        • Management of the complex case, interdisciplinary treatment planning
        • Recommended equipment & materials
        • How to grow the aesthetic side of your practice
        • Marketing of the Aesthetic Practice
        • The 3 C’s and the 5 P’s of Marketing
        • Internal & External Marketing techniques that have been proven to work
        • Practice websites, what do patients really want to know
        • Social Media, how to use it safely
        • Overview of the year
        • Certificate giving


        • Treatment planning of complex cases
        • Marketing exercises
        • Xmas Quiz